"I'd come very close to death four times in the past 24 hours..." If that's the kind of line that gets you going, then Simon Kernick's new thriller will give the muscles in your neck a good workout. Inducted into the bestsellers' club after Richard and Judy gave his book 'Relentless' the nod for their 'Recommended Summer Reads' in 2007, Kernick's patch is London and the war without end between the law and the villains.

Detective Sean Egan has gone solo undercover as he tries to catch his brother's murderer. Tina Boyd is a Detective Inspector who thinks she's just slapped the cuffs on the killer of five women. They cross paths, the bodies pile up and either of them could be next.

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Kernick knows how to do pace and action and 'The Last Ten Seconds' is a fast, fun read. It begins with Egan ready to take his final breaths as Boyd crashes in on the carnage around him and then rewinds to show how the two of them have ended up in this disused building in the early hours of the morning. There are shootouts, chases, doubts and twists and with all of them comes the strong feeling that Egan, Boyd or both will end up on TV sooner of later - we could do with a bit more grit and a bit less gloss on the box.

Kernick will continue to clock up the big sales with 'The Last 10 Seconds'; longtime fans will be happy and new arrivals to his world will be keen to catch up on what they've missed.

Harry Guerin