Gok Wan's latest book 'Work Your Wardrobe' is all about tailoring trends to your own personal needs, wants and style. It helps you to make the most of your assets and shows you how to work trends to your advantage.

'Work Your Wardrobe' is broken down into a number of sections: Chic Classics, Elegant Extras, Timeless Style and Simply Gorgeous. Under these headings, Gok takes a look at some of basics of fashion, like how to select the perfect white shirt for all occasions, picking jeans that flatter your figure, where to buy the best jewellery and what beauty products must be in your make-up bag at all times.

Heavy on images, which really help to illustrate the tips on creating certain looks, this book is detailed without being daunting. The advice is of a practical nature and caters to all budgets. From how to layer clothing to how to apply your blusher to best effect, it's all in here. We all like to follow a trend or two but what's great about this book is that it doesn't just tell you what's on trend, it also tells you how best to work that trend to suit your figure, existing wardrobe and even your mood.

As with his television shows and previous book, Gok shows a real understanding of the importance of everyday fashion, of embracing different body shapes and of being happy in your skin. This book is great reference point for fashion dilemmas and the advice is timeless. Yet another hit for Gok!

Linda McGee