There are not many who haven't heard of the award winning TV series 'Gavin and Stacey'. Those who are familiar with it will have already exhausted their favourite Bryn or Nessa one-liners; and the mere mention of an omelette will most likely evoke a snigger.

'Gavin and Stacey: From Barry to Billerciay', which is written by the series writers and stars, James Corden (who plays Smithy) and Ruth Jones (who plays Nessa), is a must-have for any fan of the programme. Complied as a scrapbook collection of emails, Facebook profiles, police reports and recipes, it not only confirms what you may already know about the characters, but will also offer plenty of fresh insights. John Prescott's pleading letters and Nessa's 'Dear John' letters certainly give a new perspective, while Bryn's mysterious fishing trip is intriguing. It would be my recommendation that Smithy's home brew instructions are to be taken lightly, as are Doris's dating tips.

Should you choose to dip in and out, you will no doubt be drawn to your favourite characters section. For me, Nessa's diary pages are starting to get a bit dog-eared.

Whether it's to add to your collection, a straight read through, or purely set aside for tea breaks 'From Barry to Billericay' is bound to make you snort out loud or at the very least bring on a smirk.

You don't have to have to be a fan of 'Gavin and Stacey' to enjoy it but it would certainly help.

Karen Moran