As style bibles go Gok Wan's latest offering is a must-have. While the advice is of a sensible nature, Gok never forgets to have some fun, reminding us that our wardrobes are all about showing off our personalities.

While this isn't a book that will tax your brain, you shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that this is just fluffy nonsense either. There are pictures galore and Gok-isms at every turn but mostly this is a book containing solid, practical advice. I genuinely couldn't believe how much I learned from reading this (OK, so maybe I had a lot to learn but I think that most people would find the notes in here really helpful... just try not to turn into a preacher of Gok's style gospel as a result of reading it... at the moment I'm about to drive all of my friends mad by starting off yet another sentence with the words "Gok says...").

From occasion wear to work wear, a day at the races to your friend's wedding, Gok has it all covered here and what's more he employs his mix & match capsule wardrobe ideas from the television show, helping you to save a few quid in the process of becoming a style queen. Obviously, he's got clothes, shoes and accessories covered here but there are also some practical make-up tips, really useful hair advice and sweet little notes on how to disguise your body flaws and build your confidence through clothes.

I was already a massive fan of all things Gok but even if you're not I think 'How to Dress' will make you believe that everyone should have a fairy-gok-mother!

Linda McGee