Since his debut in 1997, Lee Child has sold over 16m copies of books in his Jack Reacher series. Pick this or any of the other 12 Reacher adventures up and you'll understand why within a couple of pages. Reacher's an effortlessly cool former military policeman who drifts around the US getting involved in various scrapes and always comes up with a plan for getting out of them - and a wisecrack for the worst situations. If you love 'The Bourne...' films and haven't teamed up with Reacher yet, meet your new best friend.

'Gone Tomorrow' begins with Reacher on a New York subway train in the early hours of the morning. Down the carriage is a woman whom he zeroes in on as a suicide bomber. She isn't, but a couple of minutes later she's dead and Reacher's attempts to find out the why sees him caught in the crossfire between political ambition, covert ops and terrorism.

Child is an author who believes that the last page of each chapter should be a cliffhanger and he does it so well in 'Gone Tomorrow' that you have to look up when crossing the road on the way to work. The action is great, the background info about surveillance and military operations is fascinating and the fact that Child can pace a book like a scriptwriter's dream means that we should be seeing Reacher in cinemas very soon. Start building your popcorn trough now, and if you're planning to do a bit of drifting of your own this summer, stick 'Gone Tomorrow' in the bag.

Harry Guerin