'Who Do You Want To Be Today?', the latest offering from TV's fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah, aims to inspire you to dress "differently" and bring out the "creative spirit in you" - it's a big ask from a book that is mostly visual.

The self-professed style queens set about offering instructions on how to achieve various distinct looks, like the bombshell, the ice queen, the rock chick, the boho lady and the diva. With each look, the pair offer tips on choosing key wardrobe pieces and how to wear them.

My main problem with this is that it tailors each look featured towards one type of person - a particular body shape, age group or hair colouring - meaning that the book doesn't really teach everyone how to create each look, merely to pick a look that suits your type from the selection provided. (Although both Trinny and Susannah themselves dress up to conform with the various styles - often with shocking results!).

There are, however, some handy, practical tips that will help you to achieve a certain hairstyle or make-up look included in the various sections. It's just a pity the book is so reliant on labels, where there is room for natural cross-over between styles and maybe possibilities to feature more wardrobe essentials across the different looks outlined.

Another flaw with the book it that there's a presumption that you must be a fan of the ladies and therefore have read all the rest of the books, so if you come to this one as a novice fashionista, then it's probably not your best starting point as a stand-alone dressing guide.

Back to the plus side of things, there is a basic shopping guide included in the book and visually it's quite pretty to flick through, as a coffee-table book. But I'm afraid it hasn't inspired me to come into work dressed in their androgyne style tomorrow.

Linda McGee