This book covers the ups and downs of a year supporting the Dublin senior football team.

Starting with the 2007 All Ireland semi-final defeat to Kerry, the trials and tribulations are told in diary-form right through to the Dubs’ elimination from the Championship and up to Tyrone’s victory in September.

Author Daire Whelan is a regular in the sports media but may be best know to sports fans as the man behind the 2006 title ‘Who Stole Our Game? The fall and fall of Irish soccer’.

The passion and enthusiasm he brought to that book is evident again here.

The diary feel to the book ensures that there is a good flow to the ideas and allows him mention other events that are happening not only in sport but in news and current affairs.

So events such as the Lisbon Treaty, the Eurovision Song Contest and most major sports events are featured along with his views on the Paul Galvin affair, the Olympics and Robbie Keane moving to Liverpool.

Commenting on Keane’s lifestyle and wages Whelan says ‘Robbie Keane is Irish and Tallaght born but now he may as well be from Mars’.

Whether its news, sport or culture, if you know the date of a particular event you might be tempted to dip right in and see if Whelan has an opinion on it – he probably does – unless it was on the same day as his wedding.

Whelan has a simple straightforward writing style that is full of humour. Events in the world are often intersped with what’s happening in his own life and he often throws in the odd unexpected descriptive word.

He must be the only sports writer who would use the word ‘phalanx’ to describe the amount of cars on the road making their way to the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick.

Incidentally, he was in a garage forecourt at the time where he paid a whopping €1.42 a litre for fuel!

But getting back to the main theme, it’s a very entertaining book that will satisfy those who love the Dubs as well as those who don’t and are enjoying the Dubs’ fruitless efforts to bring Sam back to the capital.

Mark Cummins