'The Goddess Experience' by Dublin-based journalist Gisèle Scanlon is a compendium of the writer's musings on travel, beauty and fashion, filled with insider knowledge and handy tips. She has travelled extensively and here jots down her thoughts on, among other things, where to get the best macaroons, why milky tea is her preference, and where to get your Christian Louboutin shoes re-soled in the exact red colour of the original.

The book is beautifully presented, a small hard-backed bible, filled with photographs from her travels and sketches from her notebooks, giving the feel of a polished scrapbook. Her previous book 'The Goddess Guide' was a sophisticated guide to living a fabulous life. 'The Goddess Experience' follows on the same tangent, but with the theme of what makes her happy.

In the midst of her ruminations on life are countless titbits of information about travel, fashion beauty and the home. It can be a bit hard to locate these due to the general disorder of the book, but that kind of adds to its charm.

Although some of the advice given is out of the bounds of the average person, such as the previously mentioned Louboutin tip, she has filled the book with more practical instructions for maintaining clothing, shoes and leather. If you want to know how to clean your leather gloves, or keep your shoes in the best condition this book will be endlessly helpful.

She dedicates a section of the book to how to dress for your body shape, which is excellently researched and gives the names and addresses of the places to pick up the best clothes. Another chapter documents her extensive search for her perfect perfume, with details of where to get rare fragrances in cities all over the world.

City guides, from Dublin to New York, Berlin to Paris, all give valuable advice on where to eat, sleep, shop and party. Similar to the excellent Time Out city guides, her in-depth knowledge and her constant hunt for the best of everything means that her advice can be counted on.

The book also contains interviews with British design hero Paul Smith, iconic clothes designer Vivienne Westwood and TV presenter Lauren Laverne.

Jam-packed with information, the book can seem a bit hectic and disorganised, but it is this diary-like feel that most readers will relate to.

This book is great stocking-fodder for the girl who has is all.

Sarah McIntyre