"Over 200 recipes that won't cost the earth." In these times of peak oil doom and food inflation gloom, the cover quote from Rose Prince's new book is a great come-hither, even if the cover price (£25) may have some wondering what they could get in the trolley for the same amount. More on them later.

The author of 'The New English Kitchen' and 'The Savvy Shopper', Prince reckons there are two kinds of meals, the everyday and the event, and when knowledge combines with imagination you can excel at both. If you grew up in a household where the wasting of food was a complete no-no, then Prince will bring back memories of time spent in the kitchen and at the table - and will inspire you to impart that wisdom on others through what you cook.

Consisting of 81 chapters (we begin with 'Apples' and end with 'Woodpigeon') and then subdivided with recipes for each ingredient, Prince has something for every taste and timeframe, and the more cautious among us should develop a greater sense of adventure as we try things out.

There are the 'nod of approval' recipes like Hot Apple Juice, Bacon and Potatoes and Chicken to the 'persuade yourself' ones, of which Squirrel with Cobnuts and Walnuts, Elderflower Fritters, Turkey Legs Stuffed with Nettles and Garlic and Hot Tongue with Potato Salad are a few. But even if you are very fussy in a non-foody way, Prince has a place at the table for you - and your nightmare dinner guest too.

With great advice and tips throughout - from buying olive oil through to using leftovers and what you need to know about lentils - Prince always comes across as more pally than preachy. As for the cover price, well, this book should pay for itself at least 200 times over.

Harry Guerin