She may be living in the shadow of her husband Gordon's limelight around the kitchen but Tana Ramsay knows cooking. Her latest book 'Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen' is a beautiful guide to cooking nutritious and tasty food for all ages, which takes account of the factors that come into play in the modern world.

The UKTV Food chef, who admits that she only began cooking after she became a mother, offers recipes which are suitable for any level of chef from the culinary whiz to the beginner. With categories like, 'cooking from the cupboard', 'after-school suppers', 'cooking in advance' and 'party food', this is an easy-reference book.

The author realises the demands of raising a young family and the stresses of being a working parent, like finding time to shop and prepare food in the evenings. Her hints, therefore, are practical. She offers little tips that will shave a few minutes off your preparation time and snack ideas to keep the kids satisfied until dinner-time.

Tana Ramsay's personal notes are also encouraging. You can tell from reading her words that she has experience of feeding young children, whether it be planning an enticing birthday party for a youngster or disguising new ingredients in older recipes.

The recipes listed here - which include lime and ginger salmon fillets, steak burgers with roasted red pepper sauce, cocktail sausages with honey and mustard and hot chocolate pudding - are accessible and useful for everyday life, making food attractive to the younger members of the family, without alienating the older members.

Each recipe, as well as offering clear and concise instructions, provides a preparation and cooking time to make life easier. In her notes, Ramsay also includes little tips for involving children more in meal-times and minimising your own workload at busy times.

'Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen' is a beautiful cookbook, which you will return to again and again for ideas as to what to make when the cupboard is looking a bit bare or special treats for little ones. It shows a great understanding of family life and priorities, leaving you with no excuse not to indulge yourself and those around you.

Linda McGee