If you see the word 'cheat' in the title of Aoileann Garavaglia's new book and give a sneaky snigger while thinking 'this is the book for me', then you're going to really enjoy this culinary guide.

Viewers of 'The Afternoon Show' will know Aoileann as the no-nonsense chef who offers practical advice and easy-to-follow cooking instructions on the show. Her book 'Cheat's Cuisine: Dinner for 6 in 60 minutes' offers us more of same useful cooking tips, without the complicated frills.

What appeals about this book is the simplicity with which the various recipes are presented – firstly divided into seasonal meals and then split into themes like 'Cooking with Kids', 'One-Pot Winter Warmer', 'Al Fresco Dining' and 'Lunch for the Girls'. Furthermore each section is colour-coded making the ingredients, method and serving suggestions easy to link up. Price-guides, complimentary drinks and notes on each of the dishes are also included in each section.

Despite the fact that 'Cheat's Cuisine' offers easy instructions, laid out simply, the book has a beautiful look, with gorgeous pictures and satin-feel pages. You'll almost be afraid to bring it into the kitchen with you for fear you'll spill something on it.

'Cheat's Cuisine' is a really useful cookbook to have on your bookshelf. You'll refer to it again and again for both special occasions and everyday treats – and you don't have to be a masterchef to enjoy it, which always help.

Linda McGee