In the world of chick-lit, Sheila O'Flanagan has always received wide praise for her writings. An author with a fanciful and endearing style, her work deserves this credit.

Her latest novel 'Bad Behaviour' is a typical girlie novel, expressing sentiments that most women have experienced at some point in their lives, giving it a distinct connection point with its target audience and making it an instantly addictive read.

Nieve Stapleton has it all - a gorgeous boyfriend, a beautiful home, a top job and a flashy lifestyle. But it all came at a price. It isn't something that Nieve necessarily loses sleep over but those left in her wake are the ones who frequently pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

Darcey McGonigle is one of those people. She thought she had it all, was quite content with her perfect life, until suddenly everything she wanted was swept from under her nose and she was left feeling bitter, resentful and paranoid. And no matter how hard she tries, normality keeps eluding her. She can't move on, is stuck in one moment in the past, asking 'why?'.

'Bad Behaviour' explores all kinds of very real dilemmas, with a pinch of fantasy thrown in for good measure. The characters' life stories and individual problems are real ones, things that we can all identify with and, more importantly, empathise with. 

'Bad Behaviour' is a compelling read - a nice mix of real-life, fantasy, comeuppances and happy-ever-afters. A good read for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Linda McGee