Seven men died in January of this year when their fishing vessels sank off the south-east coast. In this, his first book, Damien Tiernan, RTÉ’s South-East Correspondent, remembers the five men who died on the Pere Charles and the two men lost on board the Honey Dew II.

The Pere Charles went down first, on 10 January, two-and-a-half miles off Dunmore East and was followed several hours later by the Honey Dew II, which sank off Minehead.

It was a particularly bad time for fishing with the vessel Renegade also going down, all three sinking 10 months after the Maggie B capsized with the loss of two men.

Tiernan, who covered all of the tragedies extensively for RTÉ News, has compiled a well informed and researched book with plenty of insight into the lives of the victims, and what happened on those fateful days, from family members.

He also spoke to those who turned out in all types of weather to help in the search over days and weeks and speculates as to what may have caused the vessels to sink, taking those brave men down with them.

The reader will be given a clear impression as to just how close such tight-knit communities like those effected really are. Indeed, tragedies like this seem to bring communities much closer.

All in all, 'Souls Of The Sea' is an intriguing read but it is always important to remember that these men died very recently. Their stories are being told here but their spirit and memory is very much alive and will be for a long time.

Mark Cummins