The Edwardian Age is often eclipsed and forgotten by the Victorian Age that came before it and the World War that followed. Author Max Arthur sees this book as redressing the balance.

Oral histories from the time period are accompanied by images from the recently discovered Mitchell and Kenyon films of Edwardian England that were unearthed several years ago after being missing for many years.

School life, sports, amusements and marriage are among the memories focused on by those interviewed. Albert 'Smiler' Marshall recalls: "Manners were important in those days. If the boys didn't raise their caps and the girls curtsy to the gentry then we were given a lesson in manners."

James Bowles remembers a women coming to his village and saying: "You must get your children out of the valley. We don't want the children to be interbred." References to World War One are especially poignant.

'Lost Voices of the Edwardians' is all very British, if that's your cup of tea, but still entertaining.

Mark Cummins

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