If you have a penchant for researching your ancestry or tracing family trees, inheritances or traditions then you'll most likely find Ed Wright's 'Celebrity Family Trees' a fascinating read.

This well-illustrated book brings to life some of the most colourful families in our recent history. So whether you're interested in Drew Barrymore's eventful childhood, the Kennedy curse, Hitler's nearest and dearest, Paris Hilton's rise to fame or Sigmund Freud's influences, it's all here.

Each family story traces the relationships of its members along a clear time-line that is easy to follow and allows you to flick between different character stories as you discover the connections between them.

From socialites to some of the great minds of our time, the book delves into the lives of famous faces from a range of different walks of life, among them the Hemingways, the Fondas, the Darwins, the Bushes, the Churchills, the Farrows and the Tolstoys.

The ideal coffee-table book, 'Celebrity Family Trees' is a pleasant Sunday afternoon read. It is neither overly detailed nor taxing on the brain but it does offer some very amusing stories about intriguing families who very often dominate the front pages.

Linda McGee