Although the title may be off-putting to many Irish readers, 'The New English Kitchen' is a book which will have far broader appeal than the name may suggest. Subtitled "Changing the Way You Shop, Cook and Eat", this is as much a manifesto as a cookbook, a call to cooks to concentrate on making the most of good quality food - with a clear conscience.

Prince, an English food journalist, examines the headlines about falling fish stocks, the horrors of factory chicken farming and all the additives that go into white sliced pan, and looks at what the cook can do to change things. Whether it is making your own bread - and ensuring that every scrap of the loaf gets used up - making the most from organic meat and vegetables or appreciating the very best of artisan cheese, Prince holistic approach includes informative facts and inspiring recipes aplenty.

With its prudent approach to the foodstuffs in our homes and on our planet, 'The New English Kitchen' will make you think a little more about the food you buy and consume. A timely book.

Caroline Hennessy