Love her or hate her, this autobiography reveals the real Jade Goody. Plenty of people talk about no-holds-barred, revelatory autobiographies but few could boast the brutal honesty of Goody's life story, as told very much in her own words.

The public world knew nothing of Jade Goody until she entered the 'Big Brother' house back in 2002. Immediately the feisty, strong-willed, if slightly clueless, Goody made an impression. She said exactly what she felt, very obviously without thinking. Her silly questions became the catchphrases of the summer, with people continuing to wonder where exactly East Angular was!

But underneath the ditzy exterior lies one very tough lady and a read of her story will certainly confirm that to any doubters. In 'Jade: My Autobiography' Goody looks back over her life to date in a very fond manner, refusing to gloss over her upbringing in favour of the more glitzy elements of her new life, since finding fame.

At times, her story is nothing short of shocking, as she tells how, as a young child, she would hide her mother's stashes of drugs before police raids, go shoplifting and witness her mother and friends dabbling in illegal substances.

There is no detail spared as Goody journeys back through her childhood. But for all the misery, crime and neglect, the book is remarkably upbeat. Goody refuses to be a victim. She tells even the most horrific of stories with such humour and unique turn-of-phrase that sympathy would feel like a misplaced emotion. Her wild and rambling stories are filled with imagination and wit instead of blame and that is the strength of the book.

Fans of 'Big Brother' won't be disappointed either as Goody dishes the dirt on her fellow housemates and explains all the secrets of the house. The book is also beautifully illustrated with some lovely photographs from the television star's childhood and her life in the media spotlight.

Goody rarely fails to make an impact – she either gets right up your nose with her silly comments or she totally endears herself to you with her broad smile and cheery personality. And both of those very particular traits are very much present here.

Even if you've never heard of Jade Goody, which is getting more and more unlikely with each new reality show that she graces, you could still enjoy these witty anecdotes very much.

Linda McGee