Dishy Des reveals all about his career in British television in this enjoyable read. However, if you have no interest in sport or the background to its coverage in Britain in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, 'I Should Have Been at Work' may not be your cup of tea.

From his birth in 1940s Co Clare, through his childhood in England and frequent trips home for the summer holidays, and on to his career in radio and television, Lynam humorously recounts escapades and anecdotes from his long and varied career.

He has always been painted in the media as something of a ladies' man and, sure enough, he confirms that there were always plenty of pretty women that took his fancy - or the other way around. Indeed, few Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games trips abroad went by without at least one hotel employee or media liaison catching his eye.

One woman in particular who many readers may expect to have received more coverage in 'I Should Have Been at Work' is actress and ex-Bond girl Caroline Cossey. The fact that she was born male became public knowledge at a time when she was involved with Lynam. The whole affair receives only four pages in the book but Lynam, who only refers to her by her first name, describes her as: "a definite ten".

Lynam also mentions the late television presenter Jill Dando. Despite the fact that a man has been convicted of her murder, Lynam says: "the jury in my mind is still out". He recounts the rumour that she was shot dead by a Serbian gang unhappy with her appeal on television for Kosovan refugees and reveals that Dando did the appeal after he had been asked and had turned it down.

Although 'I Should Have Been at Work' may have limited appeal outside a sports-orientated audience, there are plenty of insights and enough gentle humour to suit most tastes.

Mark O'Neill-Cummins