With temperatures soaring, summertime is the perfect time for reading books that don't demand a huge amount of concentration. Jenny Colgan's 'West End Girls' fits neatly into that category, being the kind of book that can be comfortably read in one sitting without too much effort and promptly forgotten afterwards.

Twins, but far from identical, Lizzie and Penny live with their mother in Bradford. Their father - never dependable - is long gone and they've lost all contact with his family until his elderly mother asks the girls to mind her Chelsea flat when she goes into hospital. Confident, pretty Penny can't believe her luck, taking to the West End like a duck to water, in search of a new life as an It Girl. Things are a little harder for plump and meek Lizzie but they both manage to find interesting jobs, posh new friends, parties galore - and even fall in love.

Even though both girls are eminently slappable - Penny for her thoughtlessness, Lizzie for letting Penny walk all over her - their adventures do raise the occasional giggle as they discover home truths about money and that the path of true love never does run smooth. If you're a Jenny Colgan fan you'll love this but some people may prefer to use their brains just a little more.

Caroline Hennessy