Time Warner Books, £14.99

Best-selling author Sparks turns his hand to non-fiction with an account of a three week trip around the world (by private jet) with his brother Micah - which is mixed in with a memoir of their family.

The story weaves accounts of the famous landmarks that they visit such as: Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Easter Island - with the story of their childhood, through to their marriages and the tragic death of their parents and their sister.

Sparks obviously has racked up quite a few fans out there as he is usually hanging around the best-selling list with past novels such as 'A Walk to Remember', 'Message in a Bottle' and 'The Notebook', so they are sure to be attracted to an extended description of his life so far.

However, for the Sparks virgin this is a dire read. These brothers are the type who would bore you to death on a plane to Peru by telling you all about their travel plans and their families and then get off and head to the hotel gym or try to seek out where they can catch a super bowl game.

The trip begins with Sparks droning on: "I began to think of the trip less as a journey around the world than a journey to rediscover who I was and why I had developed the way I had", which is exactly the problem of the book as he whines about how he was not well-off as a kid and did not get the attention his brother and sister got.

Unfortunately the travel chapters offer no redemption with prosaic prose describing these beautiful sites. He should have given more time to the travel section of the book and included less about his own life.

Also, his childhood memories are suspiciously detailed, so - unless he had a Dictaphone in his pocket from the age of four - they are hard to swallow.

If you are an ardent Sparks fan, this book could be interesting for you, if not, you have been warned.

Mary McCarthy