Time Warner, €9.99

Author Lauren McCrossan has turned her passion for surfing into one of the funniest chick-lit novels to hit bookshelves in recent months. 'Water Wings' is set in Ireland and tells the story of struggling actress Amelia Armstrong – Milly to her friends - who is finding it difficult to follow her dream of becoming a movie star. Her failure is exacerbated by the fact her ex Dan Clancy has landed a Hollywood deal and is Ireland’s hottest new export.

When Milly finally wins a role in a new Irish movie, it looks like things are going her way at last, but the trouble is she tells the director she’s a natural surfer chick, when in fact she is terrified of the water. Her flatmate and best friend Fi comes up with the brilliant idea of heading to a small Donegal village where her cousin Mac can help Milly overcome her fear and learn to surf. But it turns out to be a more challenging and eventful trip than either of the girls expected.

Although 'Water Wings' is predictable chick-lit fare, in that you know exactly who Milly will end up with by the final page, McCrossan manages to inject some originality into the usual formula, thanks to her sharp dialogue and clever humour.

The character of Milly is very similar to Bridget Jones – she can’t quite see what’s the best thing for her and manages to humiliate herself on a regular basis – and you find yourself rooting for her despite her flaws.

The author also wonderfully captures us Irish folk and our unique ways, while avoiding most of the obvious clichés, but her over-reliance on pop culture references could alienate some readers and will certainly date her book very quickly. However, her brilliant and memorable turn of phrase will have you laughing out loud and this feel-good tale will leave you with a smile on your face.

Amanda Fennelly