Harper Collins - £12.99

A wealthy businessman and his wife have been found dead in their home in an affluent area of Seville. The couple's young son was being looked after by a neighbour at the time of the incident.

All points indicate either a suicide pact between the couple or that the businessman killed his wife and then committed suicide. However, the seasoned chief inspector of Seville's homicide department, Javier Falcon, isn't so sure and sets about investigating the construction giant's background.

Things begin to get even stranger later in the week with another three deaths in that same area - two of them suicide, one murder - and the suicide of a high ranking official in the police department. In the stifling heat of the Sevillian summer, Falcon sets out to investigate what if anything links the deaths.

His inquiries lead him into the rotten underground of the Russian mafia - to people trafficking, prostitution and child pornography, and they yield some surprising results.

Setting his novel in Spain, author Robert Wilson stays true to the Spanish language, preferring to use Spanish titles for the adults, police officers and police departments rather than their English equivalents.

Although this can be slightly annoying for someone who has no knowledge of the Spanish language, Wilson's plot and quality of writing more than makes up for this.

Wilson is a former CWA Gold Dagger for Fiction award winner and 'The Silent and the Damned', his eighth novel, is a highly recommended read.

Joanne Ahern