New Island - €15.00

'Healing Hands' is a beautiful visual journey through a day in the lives of many of Ireland's hard-working, under-appreciated nurses.

Prize-winning photographer Ann Henrick joins forces with novelist Maeve Binchy to produce pictures and words that are touching, evocative, but most of all an apt tribute to the nursing profession.

Henrick's black and white photographs document gritty reality, presenting stories from around the country, stories of people who are totally reliant on nursing care, either to survive or to lead a normal life.

Coupled with Binchy's heartfelt words of appreciation and respect, the book makes for a unique take on the nursing care that so many of us take for granted during our hospital stays or surgery visits.

'Healing Hands' depicts wonderfully just what a vocation nursing really is. Anyone who has ever been reliant on the kindness and care of the nursing profession in Ireland will appreciate this for an inspirational take on one of the most draining, yet surely satisfying, professions.

A beautiful book to have in your collection.

Linda McGee