Bantam Books, £6.99

From the best-selling author of 'Mystic River' comes 'Shutter Island', a tense psychological thriller that is both well written and atmospheric.

US Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule have come to Shutter Island, the location of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, to find a missing patient. As their search progresses however, they begin to realise that all is not what it seems at Ashecliffe. Secrecy, rumours of radical treatments and denial abound as Teddy and Chuck find themselves increasingly caught in a web of danger and deceit.

Although the subject matter is not new, it is expertly handled. Lehane is a master of creating atmosphere and mood. The tension he creates is as chilling as the nightmarish discoveries made by Teddy and the reader.

'Shutter Island' is an excellent exploration of the nature of trust, truth and identity. You can't help but immerse yourself in the terror and paranoia that Lehane creates.

Katie Moten