Currach Press, €14.99

Edward O'Neill's father, Edward Snr, was one of the people killed when three bombs exploded in Dublin's city centre on 17 May 1974. Thirty years on, no one has ever been held accountable for his death, and the deaths of thirty-three others killed in Dublin and Monaghan. Here, O'Neill together with journalist Barry J Whyte provide a detailed account of the political situation at the time as well as a very personal depiction of one family's search for the truth.

From the outset, the bombings are placed in their historical context. The authors are careful to sketch out the important events that led to such atrocities being committed and the depth of research is impressive. O'Neill and Whyte have made use of numerous sources of information, making this an authoritative and invaluable text.

'Two Little Boys' successfully intertwines politics with the O'Neill family's quest for justice. Personal accounts of Edward Snr, combined with a detailed description of the family's fight for recognition make this a very touching and heartfelt tale.

O'Neill and Whyte balance the personal with the political remarkably well. The book's only flaw is a tendency towards repetition, but, apart from that, this is an important historical text, as well as a very compassionate account of tragic loss.

Katie Moten