Headline, £10.99stg

'Right on Time' is the latest novel from renowned comedy actress Pauline McLynn to feature heroine private investigator Leo Street. In the third instalment, which follows 'Something for the Weekend' and 'Better Than a Rest', Street must find a missing teenager on the dangerous, drug-fuelled streets of Dublin before it's too late. But with the latest trauma to hit her personal life being an unexpected pregnancy, the stakes are raised higher than ever before.

Sidekick Ciara, her mischievous mutt No. 4 and her stunning twin brother Ronan all return, along with other characters like Mrs Mack, her husband Kevin and Molly (real name Malachy), the parking lot "attendant".

Although McLynn has created some memorable and amusing characters in her books, her biggest flaw is that she doesn't seem to know just what her genre is. Admittedly, a story should not have to fit any particular category and can transcend several genres with its themes but in McLynn's case she attempts to create a funny crime novel with a heroine who is going through the trials and tribulations of the modern woman. In her effort to be amusing, drive a crime-centred plot and create a lead character that readers can fully identify with, the overall effect is diluted.

McLynn's strengths are most definitely her wit and sense of humour but at times, it appears she is trying to be funny for the sake of it and that can make her writing tiresome to read, and her text overtly elaborate. However, if you enjoyed McLynn's previous two books then no doubt you'll be eager to get your hands on the latest instalment in the life of Leo Street.

Amanda Fennelly