HarperCollins, €16.20

Kate Rashid is a dangerous woman. She's been hurt badly and she's seeking revenge. Having witnessed the killings of her three brothers, the oil tycoon has waged a vendetta on their killers – a motley crew of US politicians, including the President, British intelligence agents and an ex-IRA man, Sean Dillon.

Senator Daniel Quinn, a US war veteran of Irish descent, is sent to England by the President to investigate the financial activities of the Rashid group. Of Middle Eastern descent, Kate is thought to be financing numerous anti-capitalist groups, some with links to Hezbollah.

Helped by her US cousin, Rupert Dauncey, Kate has a villainous plan to ruin the international oil industry, destroy capitalism and thus exact her revenge on the US President and those who killed her brothers. But when Quinn's daughter gets in the way and is unintentionally killed, things get personal as Quinn sets out to avenge his daughter's death. But in a private war that stretches to the Middle East who will emerge victorious?

Jack Higgins' 'Midnight Runner' is the latest in the Sean Dillon series. While the plot is complex, with numerous ancillary characters, it is a bit predictable. The story is also quite drawn-out. It's a book that will keep thriller fans entertained on a dreary day, but unfortunately 'Midnight Runner' won't set any imaginations alight.

Joanne Ahern