HarperCollins, £5.99 stg

Daisy Waugh stand up and take a bow! 'The New You Survival Kit' looks like a girlie, sick-day novel and reads like one, but it is so much more – it has a twist.

Jo Smiley has it all. The popular 30-something is about to be made partner in the Top Spin PR firm and she's going out with successful TV producer Ed Bailey. Things couldn't be better.

But then, on a rare night out with an old schoolmate, Jo is introduced to Charlie Maxwell McDonald. The gorgeous, charming bar singer is certainly someone Jo Smiley should not fall in love with. She just couldn't bear to be seen a man who wears a Mont Blanc t-shirt, cowboy boots and an Australian style hat.

However, there's something that draws her to him and for once Jo allows her heart to rule her head – but not too much. She decides to take the talented singer on as a "social cause", but Charlie is everything Ed isn't and Jo finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love.

Meanwhile, she begins to realise what a swine her boyfriend really is. To top it all off Ed Bailey ditches his girlfriend's promotion-promising project, behind her back, to take on a documentary about Britain's hottest poet – the alcohol-swigging former homeless Grey McShane. Dropping Jo's project is something all involved will come to regret.

Questions abound: will Jo and Charlie's fledging relationship survive the obstacles put in its way, or will Jo follow the rules of social etiquette and stay with Ed? And, will they all go to prison over Jo's documentary?

Taking a wry look at YUPPIE life in the 21st Century, Daisy Waugh has created a story that is funny, well written and thoroughly entertaining. Plus, you're left wondering to the very last minute whether Jo will get her man - the perfect novel to ease you into the New Year.

Joanne Ahern