Harper Collins, £9.99stg

Nick Weston seems to have an enviable life. He runs his own advertising company, owns a fabulous house in an upmarket area of San Francisco and has a gorgeous wife whom he loves more than anything. There's just one small problem: his company will fold if his latest pitch isn't successful and he has neglected to mention this to anyone, even his business partner.

Driven by his own need to succeed, Nick is blind to what is happening to the rest of his life. As his desperation grows he realises that all his hopes are pinned on one impossible scheme. Nick's dreams of a secure future starts to disappear and he wonders how far he would go to save his marriage – blackmail? Murder?

'Better Than This' is a story of ambition and a desire to succeed at all costs. Through Nick, Stuart Harrison reveals to us an extraordinary tale of greed and shows how far one ordinary human being would go to achieve his dream. Utterly believable, and almost frightening, 'Better Than This' is a great read that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Charley Maine