Gill and Macmillan

Former Irish Taoiseach Charles J Haughey always feared that his financial secrets would be disclosed, according to a "close associate". This fear was realised in the tribunals of inquiry – the McCracken Tribunal into Dunnes Payments and the subsequent Moriarty Tribunal, or the so-called "payments to politicians" inquiry.

In 'Haughey’s Millions: Charlie's Money Trail' journalist Colm Keena attempts to unravel the tangled web of Haughey's personal finances using evidence from the tribunals.

At the height of his political career Haughey was regarded as one of Ireland's most charismatic and successful politicians. The tribunals shattered this image leaving his reputation in tatters.

Using his successful political career as a backdrop, Keena delves into Haughey's financial dealings – both during his time in office and after his retirement.

'Haughey's Millions' examines in detail the accountant Des Traynor's involvement in Haughey's financial affairs; Haughey's relationship with AIB bank, where he once held a personal overdraft of 35 times his Dáil salary; the Ansbacher accounts and payments from prominent Irish businessmen – including Ben Dunne.

An extremely detailed and intricate account, 'Haughey’s Millions' is not always an easy read. It would make an excellent research tool but for the fact that it doesn't have an index. Despite this it is a worthwhile read, although few conclusions are drawn as the Moriarty Tribunal in ongoing. It looks like we'll have to wait for the revised edition for the real final chapter.

Joanne Ahern