Harper Collins £6.99

Lucy had it all or so she thought, a gorgeous husband, an adorable daughter, devoted friends, a glamorous career and a super modern apartment; yet one day she came home from work and Charlie was gone - for the third time.

This time was more serious than the others though, he had taken all of his male grooming products and his hairdryer and that was definitely a bad sign. Lucy had played by the rules all her life how could she possibly lose her husband?

But maybe Charlie's actually done Lucy a favour, maybe she needs to start playing a different game altogether? Helped by Judd - arguably the most eccentric and best looking nanny in London - and VD (not the disease) one of her oldest friends whose main aim in life is to be upgraded to a lover, Lucy begins to think that perhaps, her old life wasn't really that enviable.

'The Third Time He Left Me', for the most part is predictable, however Harris' quirky characters encourage the reader to at least make it to the final page.

Charley Maine