Harper Collins, £12.99stg

Four women with four very different lives but all facing huge life changing decisions – how will they cope?

Hope is the working mum, who carries around a continuing burden of guilt that nothing she does is right. Her husband Marc isn't happy, her two kids are being raised by a close relation of Hitler's, who runs the local crèche, and she has really let herself go.

Hope's sister, the single and beautiful Sam, is a complete workaholic who doesn't seem to need a life, relationship or friends. She's going to become boss of the record company she works for and then finally she'll be happy.

Virginia's husband died unexpectedly. As far as she is concerned, her life ended with his.

Wild child Nicole works in a local insurance company, drinks and sings Karaoke at the weekend, and spends the rest of her life trying not to get fired for making too many personnel calls.

But suddenly the daily drudge of life changes for each of these women, they have choices to make and change is afoot. Destiny has plans for them all and soon they will learn that the two most important things in life are family and friends.

'What She Wants' is well written, concise and amusing. Once again, Cathy Kelly provides us with excellent characters and supporting cast but her novels are beginning to merge into one. Same story, different cover.

Charley Maine