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"What politics should be about is making the world a better place for those you serve" – famous words from one of Ireland's most colourful politicians. A master in the art of politics, Charles J Haughey has been remembered in recent years for all the wrong reasons. His name forever to be associated with affluence, Charvet shirts and his affair with gossip columnist Terry Keane, much of Haughey's political achievements have been overshadowed.

Charles Haughey's life shows a man full of contradictions. On one hand an uncaring capitalist; on the other, he was responsible for the introduction of some of the most progressive social policy in recent history and the modernising of Ireland's legal and economic systems.

'Short Fellow: A Biography of Charles J Haughey' is the story of one of the most charismatic politicians Ireland has ever seen, "'Arms Trial sh**e', telephone-tapping, money-codging and all". In this book historian T Ryle Dwyer sets out to document and analyse Haughey's public life – his triumphs and his failures.

A revised version of the 1999 hardback edition, 'Short Fellow' follows Haughey's career and judgements to the present day – from his entry into political life in the 1950s to his recent Moriarty Tribunal testimony. Well written, concise and informative, and including a full bibliography and index, Dwyer's promise to "present a balanced picture of a fallen idol and flawed general" is fulfilled. Excellent.

Joanne Ahern