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Francis Xavier Recaldo, known as FX to his friends, is the only member of the Garda Siochana working in Passage West. A former senior officer in the Garda headquarters in Dublin, FX packed his bags and headed to the sleepy town on the South-West coast of Ireland after suffering from a heart attack.

FX's tranquil world is unexpectedly turned upside down early one Wednesday morning when Evangeline Walter's lifeless body is found propped up against a tree in her garden. Very little is known about the woman as she, like himself, is a newcomer to the area. Trying to track down who killed her and why they would want her dead proves to be a difficult task. To make matters worse, the woman he has being wooing for some months is a prime suspect.

The murder hunt has FX doubting himself at times and wondering where his loyalties lie. Should he protect the woman of his dreams, or do the right thing and disclose everything he knows to the officers who've been sent from Cork to run the investigation?

In 'Walking on Water' O'Connor manages to weave an intricate tale that keeps the reader guessing right up until the end.

Caroline Reilly