Harper Collins £5.99

Alice Rimmer was abandoned at Netherlands Orphanage when she was little more than a baby. But unlike the rest of the orphans Alice is different from the start: she has her own personality, she is defiant and she clings to the hope that her parents are not actually dead, every day she fantasises that her rich and glamorous parents will come and save her.

But when she discovers the truth about her parents' identity she realises that who they were and what they did has branded her for life.

Leaving the orphanage she is hell bent on revenge, managing to bluff her way into her family's home, her only objective to make them pay for the life she has lived. When a tragedy occurs, Alice is blamed and once again she finds herself out on the street, it seems her past will never stop haunting her.

'Hunter's Moon' is an easy read, but it's predictable and not very original. Clearly Alexandra Connor found it difficult to shy away from the original "orphan Annie" story.

Charley Maine