Orion, £9.99

Drew Looney is down on her luck. A journalist with Dublin newspaper The Daily Record she hasn't had a decent story for months – since Brendan Kerrigan took over as news editor in fact.

But then things begin to look up. Kerrigan has a mental breakdown and is replaced by the more sympathetic Joe Finnegan. Finnegan sends Drew to Dublin Airport to cover a run of the mill deportation story and there she stumbles onto the story of her career.

As our intrepid reporter delves deeper she discovers a world of human trafficking, sweat shops, murder and a nasty little extortionist drug dealer – who, by the way gets his comeuppance.

And then there's downtrodden PR practitioner George FitzSimons. Just back from London, having dealt with her cocaine habit, she crosses paths with Drew at the airport and again at Drew's dot.com millionaire brother's engagement party. The drug dealer also shows up at the party – invited by Drew's ditsy sister in law to be, the uppity Maddie Reibhinn (pronounce it 'rayvin' and yes, she did want to call her children the Reibhinn-Looneys). So how are they all connected?

'Blah, Blah Blacksheep' is a helter-skelter ride through one week in your average journalist's life (no, really). Maggie Gibson's latest offering is fluid and full of Irish humour - the perfect comic beach read.

Joanne Ahern