HarperCollins £5.99

Harry has a commitment problem – he knows it and his friends know it too. Of course having the most settled bunch of friends on the planet doesn't help either. Ben and Lucie have married and are expecting their first baby and Flin and Tiffany are so close at this stage that they might as well be married. Then an old flame walks into Harry's life – could things be looking up?

Meanwhile, power-couple Ben and Lucie are finding out that parenthood isn't all it's cracked up to be, and Flin is discovering that the rural idyll is nothing to write home about either. Despite Tiffany's upbeat assessment of the whole affair he's wondering if maybe he belongs in London after all.

'An Almost Perfect Moon' is the story of three once close thirty-something college pals and the different routes their lives are taking. Publicist Jamie Holland's follow-up to 'One Thing Leads To Another' takes a wry look at life for the 30-something college educated yuppie in twenty first century London.

Not a barrel of laughs, but 'An Almost Perfect Moon' does have its funny moments. It is not "a cracker" as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver put it – well he would, Holland did launch his career – but it is interesting enough for a rainy day.

Joanne Ahern