Harper Collins £5.99

The key advisor to the American President has just been murdered in Cairo, there are no witnesses, no motive - the last word heard was FIREBIRD.

Sammy Rashid is assigned the hopeless task of finding Adam Ibram's killers, the case has political implications and could make or break his career. To make matters worse he is partnered with Daisy Brookes, an FBI agent who think she knows it all, but she's on Sammy's turf now and needs to learn the way they do things in Egypt.

The only clue is an amulet left at the scene of the crime. The problem is the charm is connected to a Persian King whose army and gold were lost in the desert centuries earlier - unless of course it is now been used as a symbol by some militant group.

Before long Daisy and Sammy realise there is a lot more to this case than meets the eye and it may even be connected to a serial killer that Sammy has been tracking for four years.

Asher's imaginative, and exciting novel follows two detectives from two very different parts of the world as they uncover one of the worst horrors known to man. It is well written and well researched, and the descriptive narrative will nearly have you smelling the sewers in the alleyways of Cairo.

Charley Maine