Harper Collins £5.99

The beautiful Kate Gresham went missing on the night of her sixteenth birthday party on her family's Scottish estate in 1978. Despite offers of rewards from her father, multi-millionaire and pop icon, Michael Gresham, neither she nor her body is found. But other girls have also gone missing that summer and when their murderer is caught he confesses to also having killed Kate. It seems the mystery is solved.

Ivar Gatehouse, a wealthy government spokesman in the House of Lords lives with his family in the neighbouring estate. Lucy Diamond and Sarah Gatehouse become friends at school when Lucy has been asked to keep an eye on rebellious Sarah. Their friendship leads to Lucy spending time with Sarah's family on their large estate in Scotland. Ivar Gatehouse is renowned for liking young girls, and is known to have been very "friendly" with Kate.

Twenty years later the serial killer, on his deathbed, denies killing Kate and Ivar Gatehouse is charged with her murder. Lucy, no longer a frightened schoolgirl but a prominent lawyer decides it's time to speak out about what she saw that summer night in 1978.

Somewhat slow moving to start with, 'Other People's Rules' does manage to take an insightful look at the bizarre and extravagant lives of the rich and famous.

Caroline Reilly