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This is the girl who has it all; great friends, a successful career and a happy life, but underneath the smiling exterior she is hiding a dark and painful past.

Cathy Carmody is young and successful but a series of events suddenly bring back memories of a painful past and her confidence is shattered. Stephen Brown is young, handsome, a good listener – and a priest. Cathy and Stephen become friends and, with his help, she gradually comes to terms with her past. But are his feelings toward Cathy purely platonic? Then Cathy meets Jack, Stephen's yuppie younger brother, and things get complicated. When she falls for Jack, Stephen suddenly realises what he is on the verge of losing. Cathy has to decide for herself what she really wants from life – and which of the two brothers she wants to share it with.

'A Life of Her Own' explores several topical issues, including celibacy in the Catholic Church. Dee Cunningham hasn't written a bestseller but this is an enjoyable read.

Charley Maine