No Exit Press, £10.99

Two drifters pull into a gas station; one of them tries to buy a packet of cigarettes but he's a penny short so he shoots the clerk. Thus begins a trail of destruction.

Ray Bob and Eddie have recently been released from prison, they hook up in a bar and are best friends within five minutes - a lethal combination is born as they begin their bullet-riddled journey from state to state. Della, a single working class mum flees town after a lethal encounter with a man in a motel bar, only to be picked up by the desperate duo. Divorced Texas Ranger Rule Hooks has a daughter who would rather do anything then spend time with her Dad; he is charged with tracking down Ray Bob and Eddie.

'Robbers' is a book about desperation, violence and loneliness, unbelievably you may even find yourself feeling sorry for Eddie, who already has murder, attempted rape and armed robbery notched on his belt. The book follows four very different yet equally disturbed individuals as each tries to find retribution. A first rate thriller that is well worth reading.

Charley Maine