HarperCollins, £5.99stg

Up-and-coming female stand-up Jamie Gee is notorious for falling in love with the wrong men. So when she hooks up with young and handsome Seán Powers, her best friend and manager Lily, and transvestite housemate Mojo chalk him down as just another one of Jamie's 'Errors'. However, they soon learn that Powers is the error of all errors, one that will leave an indelible mark on their lives.

None of their motley crew warm to Powers, even Moley, the flirtatious cat, won't go near him. While he totally dominates the once vivacious Jamie, even more unnerving is his interest in The Night Creeper – a serial killer who has been murdering Bradford's 'unsavoury' women. Powers empathises with the killer and seems to know an awful lot about the murders.

The character of Lily narrates the entire novel in flashback, stream of consciousness form. Although slow to get going, 'Stone Baby', delivers an insight into the frustrations and fears felt by Lily and Jamie and takes a brilliant look into the mind of psychotic Seán Powers.

Joanne Ahern