Harper Collins, £5.99stg

It is modern day and a threat of utter destruction hangs over the Catholic Church. The last remaining 'Coin of Judas' has been released into the world and only one person can fight the evil associated with it. Cardinal Benelli and the church elders are now finding their worst nightmare - originally thought to be Church legend - is coming through.

Professor Paul Stauffer, a brilliant criminal psychiatrist, does not believe in good and evil – he ascribes them to the world of religion, which he doesn't believe in either. However, he is about to make the mistake of his life, finding himself embroiled in a nightmare where faith is his only hope for survival. Stauffer knowingly misdiagnoses serial killer, Karl Kramer, getting him off the hook; but with each prison visit to Kramer, already in for murder, Stauffer is given a prediction – that ultimately rings true. Helping Kramer and accepting an old Roman coin from a mysterious woman, plunges Stauffer and his family into the terrifying world of the occult. Who controls Kramer? Who is the mysterious woman? Will the Church be able to withstand the worst threat to face it in 1,000 years?

'The Coins of Judas' is a tale of good versus evil, combining modern life with Biblical allusions. It shows how greed and betrayal destroys one man and those around him. Thought provoking, frightening and hackle-raising, it's a compelling thriller – a true page-turner.

Joanne Ahern