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'Nazi Women' is a fascinating, if horrifying, read that looks at the personal relationships which influenced Adolf Hitler, as well as painting a broader picture of women's lives in Third Reich Germany. Haste takes a complete look at Hitler's personal relationships with women - from his early home life to his obsession with his niece Geli; his admiration for Propaganda Minister's wife, Magda Goebbels, dubbed the "First Lady of the Third Reich"; and his enduring relationship with Eva Braun. Interestingly, three of the women who had relationships with Hitler attempted suicide: Geli, actress Renate Muller and Eva Braun, who took her own life in the Berlin bunker rather than live without Der Fuhrer.

The book contrasts the private Hitler with his public views on the fairer sex, exposing the hypocrisy of the Nazi position on women. Despite its gender specific title, 'Nazi Women' also explores everyday life in Hitler's Germany, analysing topics such as his racial purity policy.

A companion to the Channel 4 documentaries 'Hitler's Women', and 'Hitler's Brides', 'Nazi Women' also gives voice to German women from all walks of life who remember life in the Third Reich. Complete with a full bibliography, 'Nazi Women' is a fantastic resource for the student as well as being of interest to the general reader. Excellent.

Joanne Ahern