As the feng shui craze continues to sweep the world, expert Lillian Too promises us the answer to all life’s problems with this ancient Chinese art. For the unenlightened, feng shui (literally meaning wind and water) is a way of arranging space to welcome energy and reduce misfortune. Ms Too particularly recommends it for couples who are beginning life together in a new home and for young professionals. Indeed she believes feng shui can bring good luck in financial matters, relationships and careers. Best of all, it only takes nine days to start making a difference.

This text book style guide begins with the basics of Chinese feng shui, bringing the reader through the main living areas and explaining danger points and remedies in each area – from the shape of your bed’s headboard to the positioning of a mirror in the corridor. Although it may well be the answer to all life's problems, so far all I have learned is that I need to move house!

Joanne Ahern