Harper Collins, £9.99stg

Dependable Jon has never been a hit with the ladies. Deciding it's time for some drastic action he persuades his best friend Tracie to convert him into a bad boy. Tracie has plenty of first hand experience, as she always seems to fall for the "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" kind of guy.

After subjecting Jon to an evening of shopping and a $200 haircut the look is complete. Now it’s time for a few bad boy rules, loose the watch, become unobtainable and always carry a motorcycle helmet (despite the fact that you own a pushbike). All is going according to plan and the ladies are falling at Jon's feet when Tracie decides she wants her best friend back.

Olivia Goldsmith's light-hearted comedy follows the transformation of computer nerd to super stud. Its entertaining and uncomplicated plot makes it an ideal holiday read - one for the beach.

Caroline Reilly