Harper Collins £5.99

Cameron is a young scientist who has an idea that could revolutionise medicine, she believes that her research could cure potentially any disease known to man, including AIDS. Once published, she is sure her findings will change the world.

Bryn is an investment banker, all he cares about is money, when he meets Cameron, he sees the potential in her work but he also knows that money makes the world go round. He convinces her that the only way her research will ever see the light of day is to go into business with him, together they will take on the big boys in the pharmaceutical world; thus the Fulham Clinic is born.

Step in Corinth, a pharmaceutical corporation worth a hundred billion dollars. They know that Cameron's technology could potentially wipe them out, and so the battle begins as they set out to destroy Cameron and Bryn's company.

'Sweet Talking Money' is an entirely unbelievable David and Goliath story that manages to maintain a feel good factor as you root for the underdog to win. Harry Bingham has the potential to be a best-selling author, await his next novel with some anticipation.

Charley Maine