Harper Collins, £16.99

Seventeen-year-old Katie Byrne always dreamed of being an actress. She has starred in every school play and plans to move to New York to pursue her dream as soon as she leaves school. Her two best friends share her dreams and together they spend every spare minute in her uncle's old barn rehearsing. One evening Katie returns to the barn to find one of her best friends raped and murdered, the other lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

Ten years later her best friend is still in a coma and Katie is still struggling to achieve her goal. Having run from her past all her life, her big break has finally come but in order to achieve stardom she must face up to the demons of her past.

Barbara Taylor Bradford's seventeenth novel holds no surprises for her entourage of fans. It's a well-written non-demanding read, but it certainly won't win any prizes.

Charley Maine