Harper Collins, £8.99

Three woman meet on a cruise ship on the River Nile and a bond is formed that will last forever. Single, sexy Hannah is trying desperately to forget the man who betrayed her and is concentrating on her career - but is she really happy living a single life again? Emma has been married for two years to a wonderful man, but she's desperate to have a baby. Her domineering father and neurotic mother rule her life - but can she ever break free from their shackles? Leonie is a divorced mother of three amazing kids, well proportioned and big hearted, she is convinced that she will never find love again - but is she wrong?

Three women, with very different needs and desires help each other to come to terms with what's wrong in their lives and the bond that holds them together gives them the courage to change their lives forever. Cathy Kelly once again enthrals with a book that every woman will identify with and one that you will never want to put down.

Charley Maine