Bantam Books, £5.99stg

Things aren't going well for Ella Nesbit. Due to staff shortages she's having to man a reception desk rather than work at the sound engineering job she loves; Justin, an unbearable new trainee, is throwing his weight around, and she's got a major crush on her Pierce Brosnan lookalike boss. In desperate search of some feel-good endorphins, Ella decides to learn how to scuba dive after winning a holiday to Jamaica - and lands herself in some very deep water indeed.

In the spirit of Jilly Cooper or Marion Keyes, 'Going Down' is the perfect beach book – something to read when you don't want to use too much brainpower – but it's far more enjoyable than many of its genre. Ella is enough of a girl to make you like her without wanting to slap her. Endearingly un-together at times, she's also smart and funny whether being seriously hung-over on her qualifying dive, having inappropriate feelings for her instructor at an inappropriate moment or ending up with 'divers face' (don't ask!) in front of the wrong person. 'Going Down' comes complete with a 'streamlined and sexy' hero, one particularly laugh-out-loud sex scene, a satisfyingly happy ending – and plenty of endorphins!

Caroline Hennessy